Economical Mini Magmeter (DN3 - DN20)

Economical Mini Magmeter(DN3 - DN20) for small pipe size with 4-20mA, Pulse and RS485. Mini Magmeter (electromagnetic flowmeter) has no moving parts to wear, making it very reliable. 
The RBEF-E SERIES low flow Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor according to the  electromagnetic measurement principle. According to Faraday’s Law of magnetic induction a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. It is a compact, low cost. No moving parts,Frequency and 4 to 20 mA Output, Maintenance-Free, With display and blind type to meet different applications demand.

Economical Electromagnetic Flow meter

Economical Magmeter



Mini flow Magnetic-inductive flow meter with batching and temperature measuring are available

Magnetic Flowmeter Material Selection