Ceramic liner Magnetic flow meters for highly aggressive and abrasive fluids slurry applications

RB Flowmeter has updated the RBEF Ceramic magnetic flow meters have ceramic liners in place of the typical elastomer liners commonly used in magnetic flow meters. The ceramic measuring tubes feature an outstanding combination of material properties including surface hardness and quality, mechanical stability and resistance to corrosion and temperature change. Benefits for the operator include ultimate accuracy and long-term stability as well as vacuum resistance and diffusion resistance. The versatile profile combined with the high accuracy, these flow meters are used in all sectors of industry.

  • Tube with high-tech ceramic material, fulfilling fully vacuum-resistant.
  • Special tube design with conical parts, optimizing the flow profile.
  • The smooth and pore free ceramic tube construction does not leak.
  • Insensitive for temperature shocks, exceptional long-term stability and accuracy.
  • Highly aggressive and abrasive fluids for slurry applications.
  • Stable measurement in noisy applications.
  • Improved safety with absolute leak tight design making it highly suitable for hygienic applications.
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, fulfilling requirements of the chemical industry.
  • Diameter range of DN15 up to DN200, DN15...100: PN 40, DN150...200: PN16 or PN 100
  • Chemical processing industry
  • Paper & Pulp
  • (Waste) water
  • Minerals & Mining
  • Food & beverage
  • Machinery;
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Master transfer meter
  • Precise volumetric dosing of additives
  • Chemical injection
  • For acids, alkaline, paste, slurries and many other aggressive media even with high 
  • Solid contents;

Ceramic magnetic flow meter



Mini flow Magnetic-inductive flow meter with batching and temperature measuring are available